Ultra Wash & Wax Soap

Advanced Kotings Ultra Wash and Wax soap will provide a clean, streak-free finish. The Ultra-concentrated formula gives superior lubrication to help reduce scratches your paint’s finish.

- Safe to use on multiple surfaces

- Loosens mud, dirt & grime from surfaces.

- Leaves a clean, streak-free shine

- pH neutral – won’t strip wax or coatings

- Ultra-Concentrated (Use only 1oz. to 5 gallons of water) ● High foam formula Provides a deep gloss finish

- 32 FL. oz / 946 ml Bottle.

DIRECTIONS: For best results ensure the vehicle is out of direct sunlight.Make sure the surface is cool to the touch. Add 1 ounce of the Wash & Wax wash to a 5-gallon bucket, and fill the bucket with clean water. Rinse any heavy mud off prior to applying soap. Wash with your preferred wash mitt, and then dry with a microfiber drying towel. Foam Guns: Use 2-5 Ounces of Soap with your preferred Foam Gun.

NOTE: Clean tires and wheels with a separate sponge or wash mitt. Silicone previously applied to tires can reduce or eliminate car wash suds if mixed with the soap solution.

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