Utility Ratchet Pack Black 1" x 6' (Moto)

The Tie-Down System for ATV's, Motorcyles and Other Lighter Cargo

There's a right way to tie down your bike – and a wrong way. At Mac's, we're adamant about keeping your bike or utility vehicle in pristine condition. The Mac's Utility Pack (ATV/Moto Pack) securely holds your bike or ATV in place for the ride, without scuffs or scrapes

Purpose-built to Hold Your Bike

The Mac's Utility Pack (ATV/Moto Pack) comes complete with your choice of 6-foot or 10-foot ratchet straps rated at 2800lb minimum breaking strength (MBS)—more than enough strength for the biggest bike (Recommended working load is 1/3 MBS). The S-hooks on each of the tie downs are encased in a full coat of thick, ruggedized vinyl.

Soft Loops Protect the Finish

Use the included soft loop extensions to loop around the handle bars, triple trees, or other parts of your bike, eliminating direct contact with hardware. Each loop is fabricated from 4000lb double-stitch webbing, to meet the Mac's standard for strength and quality.

Smooth Ratcheting

Mac's ratchets are well known for how easily they operate, every time. Our unique design resists the binding that can occur on other ratchets from dirt or racking.

Tie Up Loose Ends

After tightening your straps, tuck away the excess with the included Mac's strap bands. Each strap band is made of "hook-and-loop" lined rugged strapping, to keep your ends from flapping in the breeze. When you arrive at your destination, use the strap bands to stow your tie-downs neatly in the included Mac's Canvas Tool Bag.

Bag It

The Mac's Duffle Bag is the perfect size to stow your tie-downs. The tough canvas construction will take the bumps and bruises. The integral handles are made of webbing that wraps around the entire bag for better weight support. It's the perfect size to toss behind the seat in your truck, or in your car's trunk, for general purpose tie downs.

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