6 Pc Hammer & Punch Set

6 Pc Hammer & Punch Set Includes: 1 lb. (500 Gram) Engineer Hammer, Interchangeable Head Soft Face Hammer (PU or Nylon), Center Punch (#4 x 4.75" (120mm) Long and 3 Pin Punches (#4, #5, #6 x 6" x (150mm) Long. Hammers & Punches are Secured in 1/3 Drawer EVA Foam Tool Control Insert.

  • 15 5/8"L x 7 3/8"W x 2" D EVA Foam Tool Control Insert Organizes Hammers & Punches in One Location
  • 1/3 Drawer EVA Foam Inserts can be Mixed with other 1/3 Drawer EVA Inserts to Custom Build Each Drawer.
  • Hickory Hammer Handles with Wood or Metal Wedges.
  • Engineer Hammer Head is Hardened and Tempered with a Polished Striking Face
  • Soft Face (PCS & PU) Hammer Heads are Interchangeable.
  • Punches Include Precision Ground Tips & Cutting Edges, Tapered Striking End and Black Phosphate Finish.
  •  3.3 lbs.
  •  W7.6500” x H2.3400” x L15.9900”

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