Factory Row Paddock Set Up Collection


Become part of the purple revolution! With the purple wave rising every weekend across North America, our distinctive brand and awesome rider community is where you want to be.  

Our Factory Row Paddock Set Up Collection is our exclusively designed and handpicked branded items to get your paddock decked out with the essentials, delivered right to your doorstep! With this collection, you save $2,892.59!  

Financing available through Paybright at checkout. 


  1. Branded 10x20 tent (x2)
  2. Branded double sided tent backwall (x2)
  3. Branded tent side skirt (x2)
  4. Branded 6' table cover (x2)
  5. Branded double sided 11' teardrop flag (x4)
  6. Branded trailer skirt decal (1x set); choice of 4ft ($95) or 6ft ($122) trailer
  7. Branded truck skirt decal (x1 set)
  8. Full bike decal (x1); 8 design options to choose from 

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