Snowblower 120 ATV PRO with Engine

Rammy Brush cutter 120 ATV PROFESSIONAL is agile and powerful brush cutter / clearing saw for ATVs. It cuts grass, hay, willow bushes and even trees up to width of 10 cm (4 inch)! Thanks to it’s protective roll, clearing saw can be driven against the ground. Roll keeps blades in safety from unwanted obstacles.

It is possible to move the brush cutter 32cm left or right, if it is fitted with SIDE SHIFT KIT (included in standard package).

With the adjustable frame, this Rammy is suitable for almost all 4x4 ATV-s. If the CENTER MOUNTING KIT is on the bottom of your ATV, Rammy can be used with existing fasteners. If you need these (not included in the standard delivery), we and our dealers have CENTER MOUNTING KITS.

The Rammy can also be attached with a LOCK HOOK 16-19-20 mm. (optional). Like Can-am, Arctic Cat, Polaris or Click&Go2.

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