KH-65 Tire Mousse

80/100-12 Mousse. A a rear mousse especially designed for kids and 65 ccm motorbikes


Our mousse are very robust but not indestructible . To ride your mousse as long as possible, it is important to treat it properly. This includes not storing it in the sun or next to the heater. Heat over a longer period of time causes considerable damage to the mousse. We recommend lubricating the mousse properly with X-GRIP mousse-gel to minimize friction with your tire. If mousse stands in the tire for a longer time, the wheels should be turned further before the first use, because with time the entire mousse gel collects in the bottom of the tire and is no longer available for the entire mousse. The life span of the mousse does not only depend on the care. Professionals use the big donuts as fast as their tires, which takes years against some hobby riders. This means that when mousse is subjected to extreme loads, for example during races, it also wears out faster. This is, of course, the case with all materials. Ask e.g. Mario Roman how many boots or gloves he wears in one season ; )

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